64 min, 2017

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The search for a mooring place, stability, a home, and a space in which one can grow is a theme for people all over the world. Where is this place? And what could it be? If it is no longer one’s place of birth, then what is it? The new landscape or the familiar one? Experiencing a sense of security or merely the absence of threats? Is home where family is or where friends are? Or is it the place brimming with possibilities and opportunities?

The film shares the stories of people who arrived here a long time ago or more recently and who, for various reasons, found something here. On the road in the region’s cities and landscapes, they talk about their wishes and dreams, their efforts and worries, their notions of home and the chances they saw and seized. They talk about arriving and being at the right place exactly where they are.

In their concrete form, the landscapes and cities ORTEN traverses serve as a sounding board for the familiar: yet simultaneously, they are confusing and alienating and raise uncertainties and questions. They embody that which confronts newcomers upon arrival in an unknown country, for instance following a 7-day flight in a lorry.  Nevertheless, they are also the origin and the material for further stories – a “blank piece of paper” for the new arrivals.

The selection of the itineraries ORTEN follows and the stories the film tells was made by a team of five persons who arrived in the region a long time ago and have found their place here.